Preparing for the Summer 2021 Pilgrimage


What Is A Triad?

A triad in Faith and Light consists of a core member, family members, and friends.  From Never Again Alone by Marie-Helene Mathieu, describing the original pilgrimage in 1971: "First of all, we would not make a pilgrimage for people with intellectual disabilities, but with them.  Secondly, in order that the parents would not find themselves alone once more with their children we would invite friends, especially young people, to accompany them."  Therefore we are asking that communities establish their triads and begin to meet with their families and friends starting as soon as possible to make the most of the celebration that will occur July 8-11, 2021 .

2021 Jubilee Pilgrimage Site

Jesus Makes Us One!

50th Anniversary Logo

50th Anniversary Logo



USA East, USA West and some members of Canada East are planning a pilgrimage to St Louis, Missouri, USA to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Faith and Light . The date is July 8-11, 2021 and it will be held at the Pallottine Renewal Center in St Louis.  St. Louis was selected because it has a Faith and Light community which can be a local resource for coordinating the pilgrimage.  The Pallottine Renewal Center was selected because it allows the most pilgrims to stay together in a location that is more suitable for a Faith and Light celebration.  It is about 20 minutes from the St. Louis airport.  For more information about the center click the link below.

50th Anniversary Logo

50th Anniversary Logo

50th Anniversary Logo



The winning logo has been drawn by Cristina Casanovas Montemayor from the community "Two rivers" in Barcelona, Spain. Cristina has Down's syndrome and has been a member of her Faith and Light community for many years.  Take note of the Triad depicted in the logo!

The winning theme is "A treasure to share" from community "Graines de Moutarde", in Ville d'Avray, France.

All of us will use the logo and the theme during all celebrations, events, and meetings related to our 50th anniversary.